CBCA winner

I have just finished re-reading When Jays Fly to Barbmo by Margaret Balderson. This is a book I have treasured since my young teenage years. It was the Children’s Book Council of Australia Book of the Year in 1969. I have her signature in the front of the book and an aged newspaper article about the author tucked inside. Interesting to note the archaic newspaper language, calling the author an ‘authoress’ and referring to her as Miss Margaret Balderson. How times and language have changed since then. But the content of the book is ageless and I encourage you to read it. It is an intriguing story set in the north of Norway during the German occupation and the main character is the teenage Ingeborg, descended from both Lapp and Norwegian cultures. The book gives you a deep impression of such a remote place and a sense of history too. Well worth chasing up in your local library. It makes me want to hunt down all the winners of the CBCA awards from over the years, as the CBCA celebrates its 70 year history.



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