Dialogue Workshop

The dialogue workshop for the Tasmanian Writers’ Centre at the Moonah Arts Centre which I delivered with Julie Hunt was a great success. A couple of the exercises we got the participants to do proved really worthwhile. One of them was to get the writers to hear the voice of their main character, and in pairs they had to write a conversation between their two characters about how the book was progressing and whether or not they were happy with their portrayal by the author. This resulted in some really interesting dialogues, and you could hear the individual voices of the characters really strongly.

Another exercise that proved popular was in groups of 4 to decide on the 5 main purposes of dialogue. They wrote each purpose on a separate post-it note and then the first group stuck their post-its up on the white board. The other groups had to place their post-it notes next to the others, according to the prescribed categories. If a category didn’t exist, they could start a new one. This provided much hilarity. We then checked them off against our Power Point list of purposes of dialogue that we had gleaned from our research for the workshop.

We hope the participants enjoyed themselves as much as we did.


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